About Embark Learning

Fairway Training (Healthcare) Ltd started training in July 2011. Over the years the business has grown, developed and evolved in to a leading Health and Social Care training provider in the West Midlands and across the UK. Providing a broad range of healthcare courses, healthcare qualifications and a wide ranging portfolio of social care training courses too.

The business has been on a journey and is now much more sophisticated, much more defined and focussed on the delivery models needed for excellence and with that in place it is time for a fresh exciting new look for the future, to encapsulate our vision and beliefs of the business.

In August 2019 Fairway Training (Healthcare) Ltd will launch its new trading identity – EMBARK Learning.

The ethos and vision is simple; everyone starts a career journey somewhere. No two journeys are the same and every Health and Social Care professional has their own challenges, journeys and routes to follow.

EMBARK provides a series of routes where you can journey plan your career. Wherever you EMBARK on your journey, we can provide you with starter courses, continual professional development, accredited qualifications or apprenticeships all of which contribute to your individual career destination.

Operating out of our headquarters in Sutton Coldfield with excellent transport links across the West Midlands, just 5 minutes from the bustling town centre of Sutton Coldfield and the train station on the main cross city line, our offices are the hub of our activity. With three bespoke learning spaces available including our SKILLS LAB, we provide an environment that allows people to experience the day in the life of a Carer, with profile beds, full scale patient care manikins, hoists, stand aids, medication trolleys and a fully equipped medical kit to suit all clinical needs.

Health and Social Care staff are prepared for work or they obtain valuable refreshers, updates and career development skills. From a portfolio of over 100 Health & Social Care courses, we have a wide range of blended learning opportunities. We have a fully kitted out IT suite enabling Healthcare apprentices to enjoy some online IT skills, enjoy a range of our online video training modules that provide wonderful opportunities to blend in with traditional classroom based learning and whilst we embrace innovation and development, we have also launched our very own Virtual Reality learning experience. EMBARK Learning really are on our own journey to providing a quality learning experience to all.

EMBARK Learning also work closely with Care employers, we provide Training Needs Analysis data to clients to identify areas of development, to embrace best practice and to look at areas to improve. We share industry wide best practice and ideas, we focus on training and development as an excellent tool in staff retention and growth. Ultimately, we try and focus clients’ attention on the service user experience and the need to ensure that dignity and respect, as well as safety are at the centre of everything we do. We adopt a collaborative approach with our clients so that the Learner Journey no matter what stage it starts, always has a meaningful end.

EMBARK Learning pride ourselves on leaving groups of learners motivated, refreshed and keen to get back to work and make a difference. We provide learner feedback to clients, as well as individual feedback to learners. We provide a range of pastoral support services and from learner voice and other quality driven surveys, we are always reflecting on our own performance and delivery.