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Learners Successfully Gained Employment In 2020

Looking to start a career in health and social care?

Start a rewarding career in health and social care with our training programme, My Care Portfolio. Embark Learning are working in partnership with Fairway Homecare, Walsall College, WMCA and employers across the West Midlands to offer a unique and exciting programme to assist in finding you a full-time care position.

The 3-week full-time accredited pre-employability programme is completely free of charge. We have courses running every month throughout 2021/2022 at various locations across the West Midlands. We are also offering the Sector Based Work Academy Programme via taught online sessions (laptop and webcam required). Be part of ‘Project 1000’ which will see over 80 professionals per month being recruited, trained and developed to boost the health and social care sector with new skills, best practice and a fresh caring attitude.

The programme will result in the following training courses and qualifications to make you fully compliant to work under CQC Regulations:

  • Level 1 Certificate in Introduction to Health, Social Care and Children’s and Young People’s Settings
  • Level 1 Award in Digital Skills
  • Induction
  • Self-Assessment
  • Time Management
  • Emergency First Aid
  • Food Safety
  • Equality & Diversity
  • Safeguarding
  • Duty of Care
  • Role of the Social Care Worker
  • Personal Centred Approaches
  • Personal Development
  • Medication
  • Dementia Fluids & Nutrition
  • Personal Care
  • End of Life
  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Moving & Handling

You will be offered a guaranteed interview, which can lead to a permanent role upon satisfactory completion of the course and there are numerous local roles available.

Eligibility for My Care Portfolio:
Need to be 19 years of age as of 30th August 2020
Living in the UK for a minimum of 3 years
Resident in the West Midlands

Enquire today by calling 0330 024 1370 or fill out our simple application form below.

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    Feedback From Learners

    My Care Portfolio - Employer Overview

    EMBARK Learning has gained huge experience and expertise over the years delivering Sector Based Work Academies (SBWA) these programmes are delivered working closely with Job Centre Plus to ensure that learners pick up genuine skills and qualifications to enable them to obtain employment. Our MY CARE PORTFOLIO programmes are ground-breaking with staggering success.

    EMBARK Learning has grown out of our desire to attract and find solutions to those who have struggled into employment, to support them on their learning journey and to give hope and opportunity by providing information, advice and guidance to all. We have identified many people who have had barriers of entry to learning or employment and we have developed them via our unique programme.

    As part of our ‘My Care Portfolio’ SBWA, we deliver employer ready skills, hands on care courses that allow people to gain employment within the Health and Social Care Sector. People that are eminently experienced in life but not necessarily in paid employment. Many of these people are often overlooked. We have had huge success in spotting care talent and nurturing those skills and identifying compassionate, naturally caring people and allowing them to EMBARK on their very own journey.

    Embark Learning Care Academy

    Recruitment, retention and training are without a doubt the biggest issue for the Adult Social Care sector. Having sufficient levels of the right people with the right skills is absolutely fundamental to providing quality care and support for the nation as a whole.

    The recent National Audit Office report into the Health & Social Care Workforce in England (published Feb 2018) concluded The Department of Health and Social Care is ‘not doing enough to support a sustainable social care workforce. The number of people working in care is not meeting the country’s growing care demands and unmet care needs are increasing’.

    The Fairway Academy was created in 2013 with its primary objective to offer Sector Based Work Academies that recruit, train, nurture and develop a highly skilled workforce of carers employers in the West Midlands region.

    EMBARK Learning leads on this Academy, but many stakeholders feed into and support it. These include Clarion Housing, who have many residents spread across the West Midlands region and have identified Embark Learning as partner to reaching some of their hardest to reach residents. Clarion have stated:

    “We have always found Embark Learning to go above and beyond to support their learners and to provide advice and guidance that is tailored to each learner. The programme offers a full 360-degree support service, ensuring that the learners have the skills and knowledge required to the best quality of care. Learners are not only offered employment, but a career which from Clarion Futures perspective is key to ensure all learners gain sustainable employment.”

    Zoe Lee, Employment Support Officer

    Accord Housing Group are another supporter and has been employing graduates from the academy. We work very closely with DWP and they have the following to say about our SBWAs:

    “The Black Country District Jobcentres have been engaging with Embark Learning, on a SBWA basis since November 2017. I am now of the opinion that they are the very best at delivering their care offer compared to any other care organisation that I have ever engaged with. Their training package is excellent and really does prepare the candidate for work in the care sector.”

    David Brooks, Employer Advisor

    Other stakeholders that have been involved with or collaborated with the Academy are local colleges, Talent Match and many other local referral agencies who have made all contributed to its success and more importantly its ability to provide employment opportunities for local residents.