My role at Embark is as a Lead Commercial Trainer, I deliver Health and Social Care training to Embark/Fairway staff members, our My Care Portfolio learners and to staff in care homes across the country. I have to prepare my resources for each course delivery and carry out research to update the power point presentations regularly.


I have been in Health and Social care for around 25 years, I stared as a domestic worker with a care agency and progressed to a care worker role. I was involved with domiciliary care, working in peoples own homes providing care and support. I worked there for about 3 years then I felt like I needed a change. I then worked for a charity called Crossroads for 19 years and in that time I did many roles including care work, managing a moving and handling project where I was required to take my teacher training and assessing qualifications which led me to provide training for Crossroads staff across 3 schemes of Birmingham. I then became a freelance trainer after redundancy and I was working for Fairway Training at the time as being freelance. I then became employed full time with Fairway which then became Embark Learning.


I am really passionate about good quality care and people who really want to make a difference to another human beings life. It’s very rewarding when I know I have made that difference by training staff well and keeping them safe and the residents safe. Especially when I see staff putting what they have learnt during training sessions into practice.


I enjoy most of what I deliver, but I enjoy more I suppose Moving and Handling as this is my speciality and get to make that difference because it is practical it’s more hands on and people sometimes learn better this way.


My thoughts are people need to enjoy training so making it a little light hearted is beneficial as long as the meaning is still there. I also will give regular breaks which people like and I make sure people feel comfortable to ask questions throughout the session. My sessions are usually quite relaxed and flexible, but I also require participation on their behalf to ensure everyone is engaged with their learning. All people have different learning styles and I try to incorporate these into my training sessions with a range of activities.  


Embark has a lot of dedicated and passionate people, I like that people care the same as me when it comes to training, we will strive to do our up most to get learners through their training going above and beyond sometimes.

My Training Manager is always offering me to develop my skills if I want too, I recently attended a First Aid IQA course which will benefit me and other of First Aid delivery at Embark Learning. What I want to achieve is to keep up with technology and still be able to deliver good training such as zoom, which is the new normal at the moment. I enjoy face to face training but zoom can still be effective for learners.

I always ask learners to complete a feedback form if I have delivered face to face training and explain Embark welcomes feedback whatever form it may be, as I can only improve if I know what to improve during my sessions. If training is not class room based Embark may send the learners or clients an email to record feedback.

When I worked as a freelance trainer I worked for Fairway Training, but I also worked for about another 4 training companies. They all approached me at some point to work for them full time but Fairway was the one I said yes to. The staff at the time were always very polite when asking if I could deliver a course and was always willing to help with resources. Now being Embark there is still that help and it is really like a family everyone cares and will help each other if required. Management are approachable and are always willing to listen to any ideas or concerns I have, I have respect for them as I know they do for me.

I used to sing in the choir and ring the tower bells at my local church when I was younger and I had to stand on a box when ringing the bells as I was too short to reach, I am still only 4ft 11 and 3/4 and quite often still have to stand on something to reach up. Some things never change!