I am currently an aspiring trainer. I am involved in the delivery of training to both external companies and our sister company Fairway. These courses range from manual handling to our training programme My Care Portfolio.

I have been working in healthcare for the last sixteen years. Working in various roles such as a support worker, healthcare assistant and senior healthcare assistant. While working for Fairway I went on to work as a care coordinator, managing the support desk. I was then offered the role of a learning and development mentor, in this role I was supporting and developing the current and new staff. Following on from this experience I was asked if I would like to become a Trainer.

The most rewarding part about my role is interacting with learners and seeing them develop and grow in confidence. Becoming an Aspiring Trainer has been a good, healthy challenge. It has had its ups and downs especially starting it in 2020 but it has all been worth it.

Training new My Care Portfolio learners been great. It’s important to develop your own coping mechanisms when completing certain tasks such as marking. It is all part of the progression journey and I learn something new from each learner. I am looking forward to completing my CAVA training and continuing with supporting MCP learners to progress into work.

I have been offered a lot of different upskilling. This has been fundamental for me as I was not familiar with some of the systems of working. I have also requested and received a lot of upskilling. This is something I was always passionate about as a carer and I feel is extremely important given I teach others now.

I try to maintain an upbeat and positive manner when teaching. I try to get to the individuals level and be as approachable as I can be. It is important to have a more holistic approach to your learners, I learnt this when supporting individuals within care, It’s not a one size fits all.

When I see my learners progress into work it is so encouraging. I try to emphasise the opportunity they are being offered because when I started in care this level of support and training was not available. It is extremely rewarding to support individuals to achieve a career and not just a job.