I am a trainer/teacher within Embark Learning. Making learning accessible to all levels. I am involved in developing resources, course content, assessment of work products, advertising and promoting a good image the company and services and opportunities it offers. Pastoral care and support is a massive part of my role which takes up a lot of time due to people on the My Care Portfolio having many challenges such as mental health, child care issues, financial issues some of which have ended up homeless, safeguarding issues, poor experiences of training and educations in the past which affect self-confidence, Health issues including Covid 19 and learning needs such as dyslexia.

My original career pathway was nursing. I qualified as a registered nurse and working in respiratory medicine and dermatology an also rehabilitation and discharge coordination. I decided to try the education side of health and social care as my husband is a teacher and had previously been mentoring and teaching student nurses and newly qualified staff. I started my first teaching job in a secondary school supporting year 9/10 and sixth form learners with HSC and early year’s courses level 1 and 2. Then I went onto work 2 colleges and developed my teaching practice further and did course leadership for a vast array of HSC courses from entry level to level 5.

I really enjoyed helping to set up the college collaboration with the university to do the foundation degree in HSC and I also helped on Access to Health and HNC courses. I then decided that I wanted change from college life and the challenges it brings with trying to balance home and work life. I decided that I most enjoyed supporting adult learners when teaching on the foundation degree and wanted to get back into more nursing related topics rather than just general HSC and Embark sounded like an amazing opportunity as I was discussing the CPD opportunities which were brilliant and made me feel excited about learning new things and upskilling in practical course rather than mainly theory which is what I have done prior to this.

The professional development opportunities and ability to upskill in so many areas keeps me on my toes and up to date on the ever changing health and social care sector. Obviously seeing learners achieve after poor experiences of education and generally have lost motivation due to a plethora of reasons mainly due to redundancy as a result of Covid-19 impact on the hospitality sector. Seeing people develop confidence and professionalism and attitudes that they didn’t have before and seeing them getting a job that I know will be long lasting and rewarding for them and improve their economic and life situations is a greats sense of achievement for me personally. If I am going to do all of these ours within a job it is great to have a feeling that it is all for a greater good rather than just an income it is life style about helping others who need a break and someone to believe in them.

Working at Embark Learning so far has been positive and a breath of fresh air after becoming a bit stagnant in college life. Feeling like I have done more CPD and upskilling than in any other job I have done so feel like I am gaining confidence and using skills that I haven’t used since my nursing days. The greatest challenges I have had since being here has been supporting the My Care Portfolio leaners due to the massive differences in ability and experience so differentiation has always been a change. I have mainly really loved doing the commercial side of the training as this is what attracted me to the role in the first place. I love going to the different care settings and meeting amazing people from different specialist backgrounds.

The CPD has been amazing and the best I have had in any of my careers prior. I have really enjoyed upskilling in a vast range of areas which has made me feel really motivated. I especially love after doing my tracheostomy, catheterisation and mental health first aid upskill that I am adding more depth to my training which is a good feeling for me personally to know I am giving the learners/client more tips to enhance their practice.

I have been offered constant CPD since starting with Embark January 2020. I think the induction to embark was brilliant and shadowing all the staff really gave me loads of great ideas to improve delivery of course content and also I got to use skills that I haven’t used in a long time and know how to do them based on current guidelines and best practice. I have completed a vast array of online courses with video tile and some more in-depth courses/CPD opportunities such as First Aid, Manual handling, Catheterisation, Person Centred Panning, Dysphagia, Fluid and Nutrition, Behaviours that Challenge.

What inspires me about training new recruits in the healthcare sector is knowing that they can go out as informed professionals and know what should be done and how to apply best practice. I really like having the chance to inspire them and get them motivated and help them develop the correct attitude and mind-set to this sector due to the level of responsibility they will have looking after the most vulnerable people within society. I feel that they make an invaluable contribution to the health and social care sector as their knowledge is based on current and best practice so they can go out and education and sometimes report long term staff to ensure their practice is also current. I like supporting them in developing their assertiveness, emotional resilience, self-esteem and develop some key reflective practice skills.

I always feel really proud that I have given them what they need to go out and look after people safely and apply person centred care. I especially love seeing people who are facing adversity, mental health problems and long term unemployment get their mojo back and change their outlook of their future and life chances. Once they realise they can do it they gain confidence and want to keep developing which I love seeing and nurturing. I love knowing that I have supported people to help in a time of great need to actively try to solve the pressures of staffing in the health and social care sector due to Covid.