This is an essential course for trained health care staff who need to understand the theory and practice of male and female urethral catheterisation. This course may also be suitable for experienced health care assistants who’s employer has the appropriate policies and who have access to a trained health care member who is competent in catheterisation and can act as work place mentor.

Disclaimer: Please note that this course covers the theory knowledge required for urethral catheterisation as well as the opportunity to practice the technique on an anatomical model, individuals completing the course will need to be assessed as competent in the workplace

• Common reasons for catheterisation
• Indications for short term catheterisation
• Indications for long term catheterisation
• Contra indications for catheterisation
• Risks associated with male and female catheterisation
• Equipment needed
• Hygiene and maintaining A-septic technique
• Practical demonstration and completion of catheterisation
• Documentation and record keeping


The trainer will carry out an on-going assessment

All delegates will receive a certificate of attendance

The course can be delivered at locations to suit the client or at one of our training venues

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