First Aid (inc CPR)

This informative and interactive course provides all staff regardless of the role or service setting with the essential information and practical knowledge of dealing with common but life threatening conditions. Following the Resuscitation Council current guidelines for CPR, this course will have all participants leaving more confident in dealing with first aid emergencies. This course can also be used as an annual CPR refresher for individuals holding EFAW and FAW qualifications.

  • The role of the first aider
  • Assessing the emergency scene
  • Recovery position
  • CPR
  • Common causes of unconsciousness


The trainer will carry out an on-going assessment

All delegates will receive a certificate of attendance

The course can be delivered at locations to suit the client or at one of our training venues

More about this Course:


Seconds counts when it comes to saving lives

In emergency situations the seconds really do matter. It’s no exaggeration to say that First Aid saves lives. There are countless people alive today who would not been here were it not for someone being on hand with first aid knowledge when they were in a life or death situation. First aid safety training is one of the most important set of skills anyone can gain.

First aid does more than just save lives

Not only does it save lives, it can also mean the difference between someone making a full recovery or having a life limiting disability. You will learn how to keep calm in emergency situations and to pass that on to the patient and their loved ones. This emotional support is vital as it can prevent situations from spiralling out of hand. By using simple acronyms you’ll confidently be able to recall what exactly it is you have to do in any given situation.

Some injuries are not life threatening but can be extremely painful. A trained first aider can help make the patient more comfortable until help is able to arrive.

You’ll also be the first point of referral for the emergency services when they do arrive. You’ll know what questions to ask the patient if they’re able to answer for themselves, and those around them if not. You can then pass that essential data onto to the emergency team ensuring the patient gets the right support as quickly as possible.

First aid training gives you confidence

Having the confidence to handle an emergency situation should it arise is incredibly valuable. You needn’t feel out of your depth should the worse happen. Staff with CPR certification give their colleagues confidence. With first aid certification you’ll have a range of skills and capabilities to tackle any situation. You’ll also learn how to keep yourself safe. It’s not just about being confident in medical emergencies either. Gaining a set of potentially life changing skills can give your confidence a boost in other areas of your life as well.

What does the course involve?

Embark Learning’s interactive and informative first aid training equips staff in how to deal with potential life-threatening emergencies. Following the Resuscitation Council guidelines for CPR, it can be used as an annual CPR refresher for individuals already holding an EFAW certificate and FAW qualifications.

Lasting three hours, it begins by looking at the role of the first aider, then moves on to assessing the emergency situation. It teaches how to put the patient into the recovery position and, if necessary, administer CPR. It also looks at common causes of unconsciousness.

Participants are assessed throughout the training session which can be delivered at one of Embark Learning’s training centres or at a location to suit you.

To ensure your staff are equipped to handle emergency situations, contact Embark Learning today and ask about our CPR training for healthcare professionals and first aid training. We’d be happy to help.