Health and Social Care Level 1

Health and social care workers carry out a wide range of vital roles. Skilled and compassionate care professionals are always in demand. This vast and ever-changing service sector is undergoing rapid changes with government initiatives giving it a new profile.

Taking a course in health and social care can prepare you for an extensive range of different roles and be the start of a rewarding and challenging career.

What is health & social care?

Health and social care is the treatment of ill health and medical conditions in hospitals, health centres and in the community. Social care is the care and support of vulnerable people, sometimes in the community, and in residential settings. It encompasses a broad variety of roles and professions, many of which offer the opportunity for career progression.

Who may be required to take a course in health & social care?

Any number of entry level workers across a variety of professions and roles may be required to take a course in health and social care. In other roles, undertaking a course may be beneficial. These could include care worker, healthcare assistant, support worker, social work assistant or medical technician.

What jobs require Health & Social Care Level 1?

You may be required to study for Health & Social Care Level 1 if you’re applying for or already working in a number of roles. These include:

● Care workers

● Personal assistants

● Support workers

● Key worker

Why is training so important?

Health and social care roles are challenging and varied, requiring a range of skills and versatility. Workers in these professions need to be versatile, resilient and able to think on their feet. Training helps to develop these skills, as well as ensuring that candidates understand the legislative requirements of their role. Training prepares people for a number of different care roles.

What does health and social care cover?

During health and social care training you’ll learn about the scope of roles that are available. It ensures that everyone you care for receives equal care, regardless of their race, religion, gender and social background. You’ll learn what your responsibilities are, and how to adapt care to the needs of each individual. You’ll also learn about the health and safety responsibilities you have, and how to look after key information.

Embark Learning can help you get started in your health and social care career

At Embark Learning we have worked with thousands of health and social care professionals, helping them to develop their skills and make progress in their careers. Our range of health and social care courses meet the needs of many caring roles and help care workers and other professionals keep up to date with best practice.

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