The Skills Lab is now open for face to face training, with PPE and following Corona virus guidelines. 

The Skills lab is an environment that is specifically constructed in order for role play and simulation learning to take place. Simulation learning enables learning to fine tune and hone in on important skills without the risk to life.  The skills lab encompasses all learning styles and gives them a way to explore without holding back.The facility is specifically catered to benefit not only the learner but also employers .

The benefits to learners are as follows :

  • A safe and secure environment without ridicule or prejudice.The skills lab creates a safe environment for true learning whereby learners can practice the necessary skills and day to day tasks through simulation learning without fear of ridicule ( from other staff) and also freedom to learn from errors and mistakes thus improving the quality of learner at end of programme.
  • Encourages and enriches an inclusive environment for all learners despite levels of academia

The benefits to the employer would be:

    • learners can do a full simulation in the skills lab including the documentation thus limiting any issues, complaints or concerns and ensuring a quality outcome.
    • The skills lab will also change attitudes towards training making staff more proactive , productive and prepared whilst protecting service users with the correct  techniques and evidence based practice.

The Skills lab has some state of the art equipment such as a fully size manikin with the ability to practice core skills such as moving and handling to personal care, also covering advanced nursing skills such as tracheostomy care , catherisation for both sexes and phlebotomy.There are also some homely feels to the lab such as pictures and also creature comforts that you may find in any service users bedroom.

Scenarios have been written by our clinician to give a true feel to the environment therefore creating proactive individualised care rather than reactive task orientated care thus improving CQC grading to a home but also ensuring that empathy and compassion is at the heart of the care … after all the learner will walk a day in the service users shoes.