Virtual Reality Overview

Interactive Virtual Reality experiences puts our learners at the centre of the action, providing a unique and memorable experience that traditional training videos cannot match. Virtual realities are designed for our interaction for very specific reasons to create experiences not otherwise possible.

Virtual reality will allow us to create any environment for simulated interactions and at EMBARK we are using top of the range equipment to bring you the best, possible experience. The Oculus Go all-in-one headset brings experiences to life in rich detail and vibrant colour with crystal-clear optics.

Virtual reality allows learners to gain knowledge, whilst building experience by ‘learning through practice’ without inconvenience. It also gives learners the ability to revisit scenarios at their own pace.

The 360 videos in addition helps learners gain a new perspective, it provides a unique way of empathising with service users and understand what it feels like for them in everyday life. It encourages learners to reflect on their practise when out in the field and offers a new insight that cannot be achieved without VR.

Contact us today to learn how our VR can have a phenomenal impact on knowledge retention and service user engagement within your organisation.

Why should someone use virtual reality for training?

Providing hands on experience without expense or risk, Virtual training is increasingly growing in popularity and securing a significant market share in a range of sectors. Deploying VR technology allows modern day trainees to acquire first-hand experience in a number of unique and potentially dangerous situations and learn how to observe protocol, apply best practice, or complete arduous tasks. Virtual training will allow for a trainee nurse who is hoping to work in a nursing home to learn how to act in an emergency situation. This could be in a situation whereby a resident goes into cardiac arrest. Virtual reality training programmes will help to simulate such situations without it having a serious effect on both the resident or trainee.

This is particularly useful because modern technology allows for a degree of interaction and customisation never before seen. Choosing a tested and reliable provider can let you get full 360 vision of a scenario, deploy detailed manual interactions, or even provide physical feedback through haptics – adding value to any training covered.

What sectors can make use of it?

If your business or company has a need for training, there is a strong likelihood that VR can help.

This can be applied to safety in the construction industry, highly skilled virtual reality medical training, or deploying virtual reality social skills training to make you a stronger personal communicator or operate more effectively as part of a team.

Simply put, if there is a need for training that would be difficult or costly to enact, VR training can help add value in one form or another.

What are the benefits?

Immediacy: Putting on a headset fully immerses the trainee in the situation. This allows them to fully engage with the topic in hand, actively empathise with the predicament, and take away valid and – perhaps most importantly – real world learning from a virtual scenario.

Efficiency and effectiveness: For many professionals, time is extremely valuable. A virtual scenario can be built to match your unique specifications and ensure that the individual is fully immersed in the situation. This optimises your time spent and ensures that you get the most out of every session.

Playback: As the VR session is stored digitally, there is the ability to capture the user’s approach and step through it afterward. This allows you to highlight applications of best-practice or underline areas for future improvement.

Why choose Embark?

With many year’s professional experience, our highly trained teams understand the needs of the modern marketplace and the opportunities presented by current software in the sector. With a comprehensive range of options, we work with you to ensure that your specific needs are met and can deliver programs that fit within your training needs and available time frame – deploying robust, intuitive VR technology to get the job done.

What next?

If you want to learn more about our work at Embark, you can view our catalogue of products and services in full . Alternatively, if you have bespoke needs for your employees or business, please do not hesitate to and let our team know exactly what you need.